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Cloud Software for Warehouse and Delivery Services Automation

Cloud Software for Warehouse and Delivery Services Automation


The full functionality of warehouse software

Acceptance and shipment of goods, carrying out inventories. Address storage. Always current balances for each position at any time!


Full WMS

Automated processing of incoming orders. Equipment, sorting, packing. Processing of returns, both full and partial. Work with data collection terminals.


Automation of work with delivery services

Uploading processed orders to a variety of delivery services, generating the necessary forms and acts. Shipment of orders from the delivery service.


Delivery and Redemption Tracking

After transfer of the order to the delivery service Order Admin independently track the delivery of the order, changing the status, and after the redemption will post the incoming cash on delivery.

Why do you need OrderAdmin?

OrderAdmin – cloud-based software that allows you to fully automate all warehouse processes of an any size online store.

Namely to:
  • Accept and process incoming orders from the site.
  • Carry out goods acceptance
  • Place the goods in the warehouse (address storage).
  • Carry out a complete set and packing of the arriving orders.
  • Carry out marking and shipment of orders to delivery services.
  • Control the delivery and redemption of these orders.
That is, OrderAdmin will completely cover all your needs from software for processing orders in your warehouse.
What will be better with OrderAdmin:
  1. You will always have the current inventory.
  2. You will always know how much, and most importantly what kind of product is on each shelf of your warehouse.
  3. You will disappear presort and underinvestment.
  4. All your orders will go to customers on time and exactly to the address.
  5. You will always be aware of the each order location.
  6. By automating the processes you will significantly reduce the warehouse personnel cost, and at the same time seriously increasing the employees work speed and quality.

About company

Software OrderAdmin had developed a reWorker for processing orders in the warehouse. In a day, we process more than 1000 orders of many online stores with completely different segments. Clothes, shoes, books, toys, appliances, household goods and many other types of goods we process and send daily to thousands of buyers around the world. This allowed us to gain a huge experience, which was expressed in the creation of this software. Now we offer you to use our experience and our technologies!
Currently, the following delivery services are supported:

Интеграция с Почтой России Интеграция с Казпочтой Интеграция с DPD Интеграция с СДЭК Интеграция с ИМЛ Интеграция с Максипост Интеграция с PickPoint Интеграция с Boxberry

The connection to OrderAdmin comes about through the integration of your website (or CRM) with our system. For a variety of solutions we have ready-made modules:

Интеграция с InSales Интеграция с retailCRM Интеграция с 1С Битрикс Интеграция с Мой Склад

API allows not only to create integration with different systems, but also to extend its capabilities without any interference in the system code.

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