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Cloud Software for Warehouse and Delivery Services Automation

Cloud Software for Warehouse and Delivery Services Automation

About company

The company reWorker has been processing orders for online stores (order fulfillment) more than 5 years. We know all the intricacies of this business more than anyone else, because every day many online stores send to the customers from our warehouse, more than 1000 orders. Processing tens of thousands orders every month is impossible without serious automation of warehouse processes. And the fact initially we created and developed our software in the cloud allowed us to take these technologies out of our warehouses and provide them for use by any online store.

We are sure the software of this class is not enough for the market now!

Additional Information:

  • The company reWorker has processed more than 1 000 000 orders only for 5 years of work!
  • The product range has virtually no restrictions: clothing, footwear, household appliances, dietary supplements, books, toys, consumer goods, pet food, food, adult products, etc.
  • We have debugged the work and know the specifics of most delivery services in Russia, including the Russian Post.
  • We conduct weekly in our office free courses on setting up and working with our software, with a mandatory tour of our warehouse.

Warehouse automation system (WMS), is one of the main problems of any developing online store. Large companies can afford to invest quite serious funds in their own software product development, but small and medium-size online stores have what is called “get out”. Many people just do not think about this topic, perceiving losses due to overgrazing, theft, underinvestment and other problems in the warehouse as an inevitable evil. We really hope, the market entering of our product will help to correct the situation and show, that an online store with ANY size can has an inexpensive, modern, and most importantly automated warehouse. And most importantly – it worths quite sane money!

Dmitry Novikov, Director of reWorker company.

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