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Cloud Software for Warehouse and Delivery Services Automation

Cloud Software for Warehouse and Delivery Services Automation

We present you 2 main products:

OrderAdmin Delivery Manager

Delivery Manager – software product designed to automate the operation of your online store with delivery services. This version of our product may to:
  1. Calculate the order delivery cost anywhere in the world.
  2. Choose a particular delivery service from a variety of options offered by OrderAdmin.
  3. Prepare all accompanying documents for the order transfers to delivery services (labels, forms, acts).
  4. Check the orders assembly.
  5. Export order data in the selected shipping service via API.
  6. Track the orders delivery (tracking) to the buyer.
  7. Notify the buyer about his order status by SMS, E-Mail, IVR.
  8. Carry out acceptance of outstanding orders (returns).
  9. Spread incoming cash on delivery documents.

OrderAdmin Warehouse manager

WMS (Warehouse Management System) – software product, fully automates the warehouse working. This version of our product may:
  1. All the main features of the warehouse program (acceptance, shipment, inventory of goods), residues control.
  2. Partial returns processing module.
  3. Data collection terminal supporting
  4. Order processing automation modules (address storage, product selection, sorting, packaging).
  5. Different types of assembly orders.

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